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“We don’t build a business, we build people and then people build business”.

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“We don’t build a business, we build people and then people build business”. We believe in fostering innovation through a diverse work force, but we do have one thing in common, a never ending passion to deliver innovation to help clients grow.

"My overall experience with eSoft has been good. I have been exposed to two roles within the company. I have been presented with the opportunity to become a great business analyst and an even greater software developer. My learning curve has been exceptionally good, I have been able to develop my soft skills, business and development skills. I am grateful for all the support and mentoring eSoft continues to give me during my time here at eSoft. I look forward to your continued support as I take on the greater."


“Will I have the freedom here to define my own canvas?... The answer I got was in the affirmative. I have seen many roles here - Accounting, Business Analysis and Support Desk – that have helped to define and achieve the company’s strategy and shape my career.”

“eSoft has taught me that a person grows through never-ending thirst for learning. eSoft has identified my strengths and has mentored me in areas where I should improve.This is my fourth year in this company, and the learning curve I have attained is remarkable. My passion for project management has gone to an another level by seeing how well my team members have mastered it. I have also seen how the company has grown in these four years. What can I say, A journey well begun is half done.”

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Unit 16
Plot 104
Gaborone International Commerce Park

Email: nazerine@esoft.co.za

Phone: +26 77 133 2299

South Africa

Unit 7, Somerset Business Park
11 York Street
Randburg 2194

Email: admin@esoft.co.za

Phone: +27 11 886 7130