Learner Enrollment Management

Enterprise Application


The Services Sector Education and Training Authority (SSETA) is responsible for the disbursement of the training levies payable by all employers. These levies are collected by the South African Revenue Service (SARS) via the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), and are to be disbursed through a management system motivated by skills requirement assessment and monitoring.
Business was unable to grant a project, track them and the progress of learners. Allocation of funds would be a time consuming process and mainly excel based. In case of any fallouts, but if funds are already given to employers, business will face difficulty to track them. A staff member will have to go-though each learner information submitted in order to declare him compliant. This was a time consuming and non-trackable process. In case of audits, business had to search that leaners information from huge pile of files.
  • Manual check of projects granted- go through 100s of excels submitted.
  • Dependency on employees for approval.
  • Lack of fast access and quick understanding
  • Maintenance of hard copy files
  • Difficult to track learner and project progress
  • In case of audits, search of hard copy files in a file room.
  • Roles and responsibility of employers were overlapping
Business requested to develop a workflow engine which would be based on a approval process. Efficient upload of excel information in the system allowed all the users to view business information as submitted by the requesters. Once the project grant is approved, the learners would go through a quality-check and all the supporting documents will be audited. Only after all the learners are approved in a project, business will approve allocation funds
  • Upload qualification and Bulk upload of learner information
  • Link the learners to projects
  • Reports , print enrolment forms for submission
  • Learner and Project Documents Verification
  • Staff members check and approve learners,
  • 25% quality check
Management Benefits :
  • Learner Enrolment Form and reports
  • 100 per cent Transparency
  • End to end control points
  • Approval based work flow
User benefits :
Ease of use, user friendly Auto guided steps Workflow based
System benefits :
  • Simple hosting environment
  • Quick turn around on support No down time
  • Live data visibility